Learning resources for building and extending applications on Heroku.

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  • Trevor

    Trevor is an add-on that enables both your technical and non-technical teams to safely access and query your postgres database data and share the results.

3 weeks ago

  • Beekeeper Data

    Use SQL to make dashboards, share reports with business users, and send data to customers.

1 month ago

  • CloudRail

    CloudRail is an add-on that lets developers integrate APIs ten times faster and never worry about breaking integrations again.
  • Roachr

    Roachr is a database service built on top of CockroachDB by Cockroach Labs. It allows for the creation of NewSQL databases that can scale out horizontally, ensuring up-time and fault tolerance, unlike traditional RDBMS. Adding to the many benefits of

2 months ago

  • Helpjuice

    Lower Customer Support Requests Instantly By Providing Your Users a Powerful Searchable Knowledge Base. 1-Click Installation, and Powerful Analytics. Get Started Today

3 months ago

  • Light Switch

    LightSwitch saves you a ton of money by idling Dyno's that aren't being used! You can also set up "operational hours" for your application. Don't pay for what you're not using!
  • Till

    Build SMS apps. Combine your awesome ideas with the power of the Till SMS platform - Instant alerts, flash surveys, and real-time two way communication.
  • prismic.io CMS Backend

    Prismic.io is a CMS backend for your website. You get a dashboard to write content linked directly from your Heroku console, and an API to consume the content from your site.
  • Routing in Private Spaces

    The routers in Private Spaces have a slightly different behavior to the routers found in the Common Runtime. This article explains the differences.

4 months ago

  • Monitoring JVM Metrics with the Heroku Java Agent

    Monitor JVM metrics and set alerts for thresholds based on memory and thread count statistics.
  • Storj

    Storj is a blockchain-based, end-to-end encrypted, distributed object storage, where only you have access to your data.
  • Wrenchmode

    Wrenchmode is a Heroku add-on for providing a fast and easy way to create a custom maintenance page for your app.
  • FollowAnalytics

    FollowAnalytics is an add-on for providing mobile apps analytics, user profiles and engagement.
  • CloudBoost

    CloudBoost is a complete backend as a service which does data-storage, search, real-time, push notifications, offline sync, and a whole lot more, saving you as much as half of the time when you're building your app.
  • Citus

    The Citus add-on is a fully-managed, horizontally-scalable PostgreSQL database service.
  • Building a Unified Dashboard as an Ecosystem Partner

    Using the Unified API, Partners can build a fully unified dashboard for users.
  • Neutrino Audiomatic

    Audiomatic is an add-on for processing and analyzing audio files of any kind!

5 months ago

  • Zara 4

    Compress images by up to 90% with no visible loss of quality.