Learning resources for building and extending applications on Heroku.

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  • Shogun

    CMS that integrates directly into your stack

4 months ago

  • AT&T M2X

    M2X is an add-on for providing access to AT&T M2X, a highly secure and scalable time-series data storage service for network connected devices and the Internet of Things.
  • Takipi

    Takipi is an add-on for seeing when and why your code breaks in production. Takipi shows you the errors that impact your users the most and gives you the actionable information you need to fix them.

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  • Running Rake Commands

    Run rake commands on Heroku with `heroku run rake`.
  • SendGrid

    The SendGrid add-on provides an API-driven approach to SMTP delivery. Use SendGrid to add email services to your application.