Learning resources for building and extending applications on Heroku.

1 month ago

  • AppDynamics

    Ensure application performance and user satisfaction by proactively monitoring applications end-to-end.

4 months ago

  • Easy SMS

    Easy SMS provides a simple way to integrate SMS into your app workflow and lets you focus your attention on product development instead of operations.
  • Greta

    Greta is an add-on for smarter content delivery.
  • Pushwoosh

    Pushwoosh is a real-time cross-platform push notification service.
  • JawsDB Maria

    JawsDB is an add-on for providing a fully functional MariaDB database for use with your Heroku application.
  • Go Dependencies via GB

    How to fully utilize Heroku’s support for specifying dependencies for your Go application with GB.

1 year ago

  • Takipi

    Takipi is an add-on for seeing when and why your code breaks in production. Takipi shows you the errors that impact your users the most and gives you the actionable information you need to fix them.

2 years ago

4 years ago

  • Amazon RDS

    How to configure your Heroku app to use an Amazon RDS database.