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Last Updated: 07 May 2015

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Ranger keeps a watchful eye on your app, and lets you know when it goes down.

Installing the Ranger add-on

To use Ranger on Heroku, install the addon:

$ heroku addons:create ranger

When you install the add-on, Ranger will automatically download the list of domains you have declared for your Heroku application and begin monitoring them.

You should receive an email within 5 minutes of installing the Ranger add-on acknowledging which domains are being monitored.

For most users, nothing further is required. You’re up and running and will receive email alerts if your application’s status changes.

Install the heroku-ranger plugin for more customization

If you’d like a bit more control over which domains and watchers Ranger is looking after:

$ heroku plugins:install git://github.com/shayfrendt/heroku-ranger.git

View all available commands from the plugin:

$ heroku help ranger

Make changes to domains or watchers:

$ heroku ranger:add_domain http://www.example.com
$ heroku ranger:remove_domain http://www.example.com
$ heroku ranger:add_watcher jon-doe@example.com
$ heroku ranger:remove_watcher jane-doe@example.com

Check your app’s status at any time from the command line:

$ heroku ranger

Ranger Status
http://yourapp.heroku.com is UP

App Watchers

API documentation

We’ve got a basic API that you can use if you’re looking for more action.

You’ll need your Ranger configuration options:

$ heroku config
RANGER_API_KEY       => e6314ca0-f5f8-012d-e206-0026b0eaf2a8
RANGER_API_URL       => https://rangerapp.com/api
RANGER_APP_ID        => 138

Try a simple request using curl after you’ve added the ranger addon:

$ curl "https://rangerapp.com/api/v1/status/138?api_key=e6314ca0-f5f8-012d-e206-0026b0eaf2a8"

You should see a response like the following if your app is up and running:

{"id":7, "status":200}

Occasionally, you’ll see a response like this:

{"id":7, "status":nil}

Usually in this case, Ranger hasn’t had a chance to issue a GET request to your app yet. Give it 5 minutes and try again. If you still get a nil status, open a support request and we’ll get right on it.

Additional information

Check out Ranger or email us at support@rangerapp.com.