PostgreSQL Studio

This add-on is operated by Open Source Consulting Group

Web-based UI for your Heroku Postgres instances

PostgreSQL Studio

Last Updated: 07 May 2015

The PostgreSQL Studio add-on is currently in beta.

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PostgreSQL Studio is an add-on for providing a web-based user interface for Heroku Postgres.

Adding PostgreSQL Studio to your account will give you the ability to see your data in your Heroku Postgres instances without needing to install any client tools. You can query your database from any web browser.

Provisioning the add-on

PostgreSQL Studio can be attached to a Heroku application via the CLI:

A list of all plans available can be found here.

$ heroku addons:create pgstudio
-----> Adding pgstudio on heroku-postgres-8ad39d4f... done, v6 (free)

When you first log into PostgreSQL Studio, you will see an authorization page for PostgreSQL Studio. PostgreSQL Studio uses the Heroku API to find all of your Heroku Postgres instances tied to your account and allows you to log into them without needing to type in those long Heroku Postgres connection strings. Alt text

Once you have granted PostgreSQL Studio access to find your Heroku Postgres instances, the connect screen will appear. This screen contains a list of all of the Heroku Postgres instances tied to your account. Select the database you need and click the ‘Login’ button. Alt text

Connecting to a new database

If you just provisioned your Heroku Postgres database and there are no tables in your database, PostgreSQL Studio will start the “Add Table” wizard when you first connect to the database. The wizard allows you to easily create a PostgreSQL table so you can start storing your data. Alt text

Writing SQL queries

One of the features of PostgreSQL Studio is the SQL Worksheet. The SQL Worksheet allows you to write any SQL statement against your database. To launch the SQL Worksheet, click on the “SQL Worksheet” button in the upper right hand corner of PostgreSQL Studio. Alt text

From there, you can run any SQL you may need. Alt text

Removing the add-on

PostgreSQL Studio can be removed via the CLI.

$ heroku addons:destroy pgstudio
-----> Removing pgstudio from heroku-postgres-8ad39d4f... done, v20 (free)


All PostgreSQL Studio support and runtime issues should be submitted via one of the Heroku Support channels.