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Log management made easy, with real-time Heroku specific alerting & dashboards


Last Updated: 07 May 2015

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Logentries is a simple, intelligent, intuitive and powerful solution for log management with out of the box built-in Heroku specific alerting.

Follow your logs in real time using Live Tail and Aggregated Live Tail. Perform powerful searches and filtering of your log data for even easier viewing, comprehension and detection of issues. Monitor inactivity alerts and perform anomaly detection along with Heroku specific Tags and Alerts and much more.

Logentries presents your log events from your Heroku apps through an easy to use Web UI and integrates directly with APM tools like New Relic.

Get immediate notifications about application problems and system crashes via email, on your phone, or through HipChat, Web hook, Campfire or PagerDuty.

Logentries also offers powerful graphing and shareable dashboard support for quick and easy visual representation of your log data.

The Logentries Tryit plan is FREE, allows you to index 5GB of log data per month and provides 7 days of log storage.

“If you are not using @logentries you are not doing heroku right”, A Happy Logentries Customer.

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Benefits and features

Live Tail & Aggregate Live Tail
Logentries monitors, searches and correlates your log data in real-time, providing live tail visibility within seconds. All logs pass through a pre-processing engine, tagging and filtering important events in live mode. Filtering can also be applied automatically to only view events that contain particular definition – enabling you to easily identify the most important information within your data.

Using Logentries Live Tail you can:

  • Dynamically aggregate logs from across different machines into a single view.
  • Monitor a real-time live feed of all your individual logs.
  • Use easy search to tag and filter important events for immediate issue identification.
  • View Live Tail with client-side libraries (JavaScript, iOS and Android support) to track user sessions in real-time.

Learn more about Live-Tail and Aggregated Live Tail.

Out of the Box Heroku Support
The Logentries Heroku Insights provide out of the box views into your Heroku log data. A simple way to access and view Heroku errors, events, exceptions and other important information. All without a manual or time consuming search.

Learn more about Heroku - Logentries Setup

Simple, Powerful Search
Quickly find exactly what you need within your logs using keywords, regular expressions and field-level comparison. This is performed using our simple yet powerful search language (AND, OR, NOT and field level operators >,<, =, etc.).

Learn more about Logentries Search

Real-Time Alerting, Anomaly Detection & Inactivity Alerting
Logentries users can easily create automated, custom tags based on search criteria. Tags are automatically applied to logs coming into the Logentries service and highlighted in the log view. 

Tags contain custom terms or patterns that enable easy searching and filtering for events that matter the most to your business (e.g. fatal, errors, sales transactions.)

Alerts: Real-time Alerts are built using these custom tags and set to notify you and your team based on specific thresholds and preferences (e.g. up to 100 times/hour.) Users can select to be notified with real-time Alerts via text, PagerDuty, HipChat, Campfire, and other webhook APIs.

Learn more about Logentries Tags & Alert.

Logentries Inactivity Alerting
Logentries Inactivity Alerting monitors incoming log events to ensure that your critical systems and applications are still running as expected – like a heart beat. When an event does not occur, or system behavior changes, you are proactively alerted in order to identify and resolve the issue before it develops further.

Using Logentries Inactivity Alerting, you can:

  • Monitor standard, incoming events such as an application heart beat.
  • Receive real-time alerts based on log inactivity (i.e. receive alerts when something does not occur).
  • Monitor systems for specific server performance issues or configuration issues.
  • Monitor application availability 24/7.

Learn more about Logentries Inactivity Alerting.

Automated log-based anomaly detection
Logentries Anomaly Detection provides proactive alerting to abnormal activity or system events that enable you to proactively identify and resolve performance and security issues quickly. By using the Logentries real-time, pre-processing engine, you know within seconds when log event activity has occurred that is abnormal, or a deviation from the specified thresholds.

Using Logentries Anomaly Detection, you can:

  • Set-up real-time alerting based on deviations from important patterns and log events.
  • Easily customize Anomaly thresholds and compare different time periods.
  • Drill into specific key value data, not just generic events.
  • Receive alerts via text message, email, SMS, PagerDuty, HipChat, and Campfire.

Learn more about Logentries Anomaly Detection.

Shareable Dashboards enable you to publish log data visualizations out to your team, and across your organization, to create one single data source for system and application performance. Shareable Dashboards allow for saved searches and analytics visualizations to also be shared via JSON or plugged into an existing centralized monitoring services. Currently Logentries supports sharing out to: Geckoboard and Hosted Graphite.

S3 Archiving
Logentries S3 archiving with AWS enables you to back-up your log data daily to long-term and cost effective triple redundancy storage in a SOC 2 compliant data center. This archiving capability is useful for compliance (e.g. PCI), security or just in case you need to access your logs at some point in the future.
With Logentries S3 AWS Archiving, you can:

  • Centralize and upload all log files/entries that have come into your account on a daily basis.
  • Automatically compress them to minimize your storage requirements and then back them up to your Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Get up and running in seconds – simply designate your S3 bucket for storage and Logentries will automatically sync your log data.
  • Rely on Amazon’s secure and scalable infrastructure for storage and retrieval.

Learn more about S3 Archiving.

Team Annotations
Logentries Annotations give team members the ability to add notes, commentary and context to live log data for team-wide visibility and intelligence about what is happening across the systems. Annotations enable joint monitoring and identification of issues or specific events. Through annotation assignment and tracking, team members can communicate directly through the Logentries service and resolve issues quickly.

Using Logentries Annotations you can:

  • Share a single, team-based view of system activity and log events intelligence.
  • Create detailed notes and comments in the live log data.
  • Retain annotations long-term; even beyond log retention period.
  • Assign issues to team members or to yourself for tracking and problem resolution.

Learn more about Logentries Annotations.

Unlimited Users
Got a team? Want to share your logs with colleagues or partners? No problem. Invite as many of them as you want to your account and group them in teams. User management in Logentries enables you to invite other users to have access to your account, set them their own credentials, and group them in teams.

Learn more about Team / User Management.

New Relic Plugin
Integrate valuable New Relic APM metrics with deep, log-level visibility Logentries offers New Relic users the opportunity to take their diagnostics, proactive monitoring, and problem resolution further with a deep, log-level view of activity pulled directly into the New Relic dashboard from the Logentries cloud-based log management and analytics service. With this integration, New Relic users can easily see all of their most relevant logs in a centralized location and perform quick, easy analysis for faster time to resolution.

Using the Logentries’ New Relic Plug-in, you can:

  • Easily go from high level to log-level with automated searches across New Relic and Logentries at the same time.
  • Instantly trigger a Logentries search based on a new exception or other criteria defined within New Relic.
  • Identify the relevant log events that occurred before and after the exception for quicker root cause analysis.

Learn more about Logentries New Relic Plug-in.

Geckoboard, PagerDuty, Hosted Graphite, Hip Chat, Campfire

Our Geckoboard integration is a way of extracting data from within your logs and then converting them to metrics which are collected by Geckoboard. Once you’ve setup a dashboard you can share your dashboard data out to Geckoboard.

Learn more about Logentries Geckoboard Integration.

Logentries hooks into PagerDuty, HipChat and Campfire
Enables users to easily send real-time log data alerts into existing alerting and collaboration tools. Specified keywords, patterns, or problematic events are matched to incoming log events giving users immediate notification and relevant details — sent directly to their favorite tracking tools.

Using Logentries Webhook alerts you can:

  • Track, delegate and monitor problem resolution via PagerDuty, HipChat and Campfire systems.
  • Create immediate alerting for the most important log events in your system.
  • Auto-trigger notifications to your chosen team-based collaboration tool when specified events occur.
  • Use Logentries drill-down capabilities to understand historical and real-time data about individual events.

Learn more about Logentries PagerDuty Integration.
Learn more about Logentries Hip Chat Integration.
Learn more about Logentries Campfire Integration.

Host Graphite Support
Extract the most important data from your logs and convert to visualized metrics in seconds.
The Logentries integration with Hosted Graphite enables you to quickly extract your most important log events and display them visually in a Hosted Graphite environment. From server stats, to application stats, to application user behavior metrics, you can consolidate and correlate in one view, alongside other critical business metrics. This integration gives distributed teams a “go-to” location to jointly monitor and manage key metrics with real-time updates from Logentries’ centralized log data management service.

Using Logentries’ Hosted Graphite Integration, you can:

  • View various log data streams (server memory, CPU, exception count) in one hosted graph.
  • Export unlimited metrics from Logentries into Hosted Graphite.
  • Correlate important log data across all metrics within Hosted Graphite environment.

Learn more about Logentries Hosted Graphite Integration.Logentries Hosted Graphite Integration


By selecting the add-on, Logentries will be automatically configured with your Heroku application. Your logs will be automatically sent to your new Logentries account. You can select the add-on from the Logentries add-on page or via the command line:

$ heroku addons:create logentries

There is no need to configure anything in your local environment.

To access your logs > Heroku Dashboard > your app > Add-ons list > click Logentries.

Note Logentries has no impact on your application performance. Logs are sent to the Logentries service in the background by Heroku’s Logplex logging framework.

Further reading

  • https://logentries.com/doc/heroku
  • https://logentries.com
  • https://blog.logentries.com/2012/02/dont-let-your-heroku-apps-fail-silently/

Free plan

The Logentries Tryit plan is free, allows you to index 1GB of log data per month and provides 7 days of log storage.

If you process higher log volumes, require longer storage or require features such as multi-user login, you can upgrade to a paid account.

Upgrading to a paid account

You can upgrade to a paid plan either using the command line or by selecting the relevant plan from the logentries heroku add-on on page.

To do so via the command line follow the convention below:

$ heroku addons:upgrade logentries:production

Where ‘production’ is the relevant plan name.

If you use the add-on page, after you select the plan, you will be asked for the relevant application name you want to upgrade for. Select the application name and your Logentries account will be automatically upgraded to a paid account.