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Intelligent Log Management, providing built in Heroku-specific alerting.


Last Updated: 04 December 2013

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Logentries is a simple, intelligent and powerful solution for log management with built in Heroku specific alerting.

Get immediate notifications about application problems and system crashes via email or on your phone - no configuration required!

“If you are not using @logentries you are not doing heroku right”, A Happy Logentries Customer.

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Benefits and features

  • Your applications no longer fail silently: Get notified (email, web hook, or mobile) when serious Heroku errors occur in your application, e.g. app crashes, memory quota issues, request time outs. Automatic notifications for serious issues are preconfigured out of the box. Simply select the add on and we have you covered.

  • Simple Troubleshooting: Debug problems in seconds. Heroku errors and exceptions are automatically highlighted out of the box. Its more like google than grep!!

  • No storage limit: Store your logs for as long as you want. Use the plans below to buy credits to cover your monthly processing and storage requirements.

  • System Intelligence: Highlight and categorise events of interest, e.g. business events (logins, registrations, payments) operational events (errors, warnings, exceptions) or any events that matter to you.

  • Suitable for Dev, Testers and Analysts: Logentries is used by developers, testers, admins and management. Its dead easy to use, yet powerful enought to troubleshoot complex problems.

  • Collects All Heroku Logs: Logentries plugs into Heroku’s Logplex to collect App, System and API logs. Unlike gem based tools that only collect rails exceptions, we cover the entire stack and give you the full picture.

  • Get notifications sent to your mobile using our free mobile apps

  • Log Export: download your logs to your local machine

  • Multi user login

  • Standard Log Management Features: Tail, Search, Alerts, Visualisations, Notifications,


By selecting the add-on, Logentries will be automatically configured with your Heroku application. Your logs will be automatically sent to your new Logentries account. You can select the add-on from the Logentries add-on page or via the command line:

$ heroku addons:add logentries

There is no need to configure anything in your local environment.

To access your logs > Heroku Dashboard > your app > Add-ons list > click Logentries.

Note Logentries has no impact on your application performance. Logs are sent to the Logentries service in the background by Heroku’s Logplex logging framework.

Further reading

  • https://logentries.com/doc/heroku
  • https://logentries.com
  • https://blog.logentries.com/2012/02/dont-let-your-heroku-apps-fail-silently/

Free plan

The Logentries Tryit plan is free, allows you to index 1GB of log data per month and provides 7 days of log storage.

If you process higher log volumes, require longer storage or require features such as multi-user login, you can upgrade to a paid account.

Upgrading to a paid account

You can upgrade to a paid plan either using the command line or by selecting the relevant plan from the logentries heroku add-on on page.

To do so via the command line follow the convention below:

$ heroku addons:upgrade logentries:production

Where ‘production’ is the relevant plan name.

If you use the add-on page, after you select the plan, you will be asked for the relevant application name you want to upgrade for. Select the application name and your Logentries account will be automatically upgraded to a paid account.