Heroku Add-on Marketing

Last Updated: 10 July 2014

Table of Contents

After your add-on has progressed through alpha, beta and GA, your add-on will be made available to customers, and marketed by Heroku to drive customers to use it. This article looks at the marketing opportunities around an add-on.

What we provide

We feature new add-ons once they’re initially launched as GA. New GA add-ons will be featured in two places:

  1. A write-up in our monthly newsletter describing your add-on. You can work with us to help craft text for this highlight.
  2. In the carousel at the top of the add-ons marketplace.

Featured add-ons are also highlighted within the carousel. These add-ons are selected based on the overall product quality as well as uptime/response time.

What we do not provide

While in the future this list is subject to change at this time we do not:

  • Do joint press releases.
  • Run marketing campaigns explicitly for add-ons.
  • Email customers directly in relation only to add-on updates/releases.

General guidance

Beyond what we directly provide and don’t provide we’ve found that some things do work well. Here’s a few items that we have found to be effective:

  1. Thorough documentation on how to use the add-on for all supported languages.
  2. Technical content, both directly on how to use your product as well as broader technical content, that developers would find interesting.
  3. A clear product page and add-ons marketplace listing that clearly describes what problem your product is solving and details of the product.
  4. Monitoring social streams for people talking about your product and engaging with them there.

Press releases

Heroku currently does not participate in add-on press releases. However, we are happy to help promote your press releases and news via our social channels. Please notify Heroku of any press releases 2 weeks in advance to help maximize your marketing efforts.