Repricing or Editing Add-on Plans

Last Updated: 08 July 2014

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So you’ve made a plan or two, but they just aren’t quite right. Here’s how to reprice or edit your plan.

For pricing advice, read Add-on Plan Creation.

Providers can create Add-on plans in the Provider Portal

Raising a plan’s price

If you are raising the price of an add-on, you need to make a decision about your existing users. You have two choices:

  • Grandfather in the existing plan users at the price they currently pay.
  • Raise prices for existing plan users with 30 days notice.

Either way, we will charge new users at the new price when we are notified.

When you are ready, please send an email to with the plan name, the new price, and your choice of grandfathering or giving notice to existing users.

Lowering a plan’s price

Email us at with the plan name and the new price. We’ll get it done as soon as we can.

Editing plans

Say you want to change all your plan names or add/delete multiple features from a plan, what should you do? If you are making drastic plan changes, it is actually easier to create a new plan and migrate users to the new plan. Please make your new plan in the Provider Portal.

To add a single feature or make other small changes, email us the plan name and the details of the change at