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Last Updated: 07 May 2015

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The add-on is currently in beta.

  1. Provision a new database (also known as organization)
$ heroku addons:create database-com
  1. Change the email address of the newly provisioned database Login to -> Click on My Apps -> Select your app -> Click on Add Ons drop down -> Select database-com addon to SSO into the admin console. Click on My Personal Information -> Click on Personal Information -> Edit -> Replace email address with a valid email address and save, Click on the link received in the email for confirmation.

  2. Generate a new security token In admin console, Click on My Personal Information -> Reset My Security Token -> Click on Reset Security Token button. A security token is sent in an email.

  3. Append the security token to the password in the DATABASE_COM_URL config variable.

  4. Use the DATABASE_COM_URL to connect to your database via the databasedotcom ruby gem and the Java SDK.