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Last Updated: 19 March 2014

The CircleCI add-on is currently in beta.

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CircleCI is an add-on that runs your tests in the cloud with minimal setup from you. We offer amazing features such as automatic parallelism for super fast tests, one click setup, support for whatever language and framework you use, world-class customer service, continuous deployment of green builds and many many more. Sign in with GitHub and we start running your tests.

Quick Setup

  1. Provision the addon using the heroku CLI or the heroku web interface.
  2. Open the circleci dashboard from the CLI or the heroku web interface and sign in with github and watch your tests run!

Provisioning the add-on

CircleCI can be attached to a Heroku application via the CLI:

A list of all plans available can be found here.

$ heroku addons:add circleci
-----> Adding circleci to sharp-mountain-4005... done, v18 (free)

Once CircleCI has been added, the following CLI command opens the CircleCI dashboard

$ heroku addons:open circleci
Opening circleci for sharp-mountain-4005…

Alternatively navigate to the Heroku dashboard for your app and follow the circleci link to go to the circleci site.

Sign in with your GitHub credentials (so we can check out your code) and your tests will be running in seconds.


For more information on the features available within the CircleCI dashboard please see the docs at

The CircleCI dashboard allows you to see your running tests, specify which projects to build and set up continuous deployment for your app.

The dashboard can be accessed via the CLI:

$ heroku addons:open circleci
Opening circleci for sharp-mountain-4005…

or by visiting the Heroku apps web interface and selecting the application in question. Select CircleCI from the Add-ons menu.

Migrating between plans

Use the heroku addons:upgrade command to migrate to a new plan.

$ heroku addons:upgrade circleci:startup
-----> Upgrading circleci:startup to sharp-mountain-4005... done, v18 ($49/mo)
       Your plan has been updated to: circleci:startup

Removing the add-on

CircleCI can be removed via the CLI.

This will destroy all associated data and cannot be undone!

$ heroku addons:remove circleci
-----> Removing circleci from sharp-mountain-4005... done, v20 (free)


All CircleCI support and runtime issues should be submitted via one of the Heroku Support channels. Any non-support related issues or product feedback is welcome by contacting us directly. We pride ourselves on the quality of the support we provide so do get in touch!